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No colour personifies "optimism" like "yellow".  So in theory yellow would be an ideal colour to decorate your interior, right?

Not so fast!

Literally a show stopper, yellow is the hardest colour to take in.

Think of yellow as light.  Do you know anyone who would enjoy a torch being shinned in their face?  Better question, do you know anyone that it wouldn't aggravate?  

It's not to hard to guess why, in yellow rooms babies cry more and people lose their temper more.

Now, there is a time and a place for everything and for yellow that time is before meals and that place is the kitchen. 

Perfect for meal preparation.  Yellow rooms can increase metabolism and improve concentration. 

"Everything in moderation",  yellow is no exception.

​Click to enlarge pictures. Yellow decorating Do's and Don't! 


Decorating for productivity?

No colour encapsulates “​
cold” better than “​blue”.

Have you noticed when people are warm they move less, the warmer they are the slower they are within reason. When people are colder they’re sharper.

Need convincing?  Travel to Wellington, NZ, in winter and watch people cross the road, I dare you.  

You will notice the pedestrians in wellington don’t muck about waiting for traffic lights (a green man) but rather concentrate attentively on the traffic around them awaiting the opportune moment to run for it.  Trust me you don’t see this kind of behaviour in Queensland.

​Time / Results = Productivity. 

Blue subconsciously induces productivity.

Click to enlarge pictures. Blue decorating ideas!

"The most costly wisdom is bought by experience".  

Save yourself the expense, especially if you're thinking about DIY, or something "different".  

Get our decorating consultants around to go over your ideas, you will be glad you did.

Colour & Decorating


When I think "pink", I think "girly". 

I don't mean to seem sexist but there is only one thing I can think of that's decorated in pink and marketed to men... and that's women. 

​Business's targeting a female clientele, Incorporating pink in your decorating is a good way to say it, without actually saying it. 

If painting your daughters room pink because that's what she wants, wasn't enough of a reason.  Pink rooms can have a calming effect on people, so it might be in your best interest to do so, assuming you have to live with her. 

It's not just females that experience the calming effects of pink rooms either.  Many police stations have a pink holding cell (or so I'm told,) apparently they have less violent incidences involving intoxicated detainees in pink cells than other coloured cells.

Click to enlarge pictures. Pink decorating ideas!


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